First United Methodist Church of Tacoma
Location: 621 Tacoma Ave. South - Tacoma, WA 98402
Phone:(253) 627.0129
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Wednesday, April 16th, 2014
Rev. Dr. Melvin R. Woodworth


Email: melvin @

My Gifts:

  • A love for all persons.
  • Excitement for what God is doing in and through the Church.
  • Comfort with my identity as a child of God, forgiven of sins, empowered for growth and
  • inspired for ministry.
  • Scripture-based but not scripturebound, preaching that affirms, inspires and challenges.
  • Understanding and experience in helping congregations broaden their leadership base in order to support experienced leaders, train inexperienced leaders and invite
  • new leaders.
  • Solid academic understanding of scriptures, tradition, church administration and pastoral care.
  • A compassionate heart and the ability to care for persons of all ages and cultures as they face lifeís challenges and triumphs.
  • Experience in helping congregations learn and implement low-impact forms of
  • evangelism for durable and measurable congregational
  • growth.

Emil: melvin @

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